We attach great importance to the financial security of our customers, so our refunds will undergo strict review.


The standard refund rules are as follows:
1. If the product you receive has minor issues and can be used normally, we can provide a partial refund of no more than 20% as compensation.
2. If the product you receive has any serious quality issues and the product is no longer functioning properly, we support a full refund.


The refund process is:
1. The customer needs to initiate a refund through email and explain the reason for the refund.
2. After confirming the refund standard, we need the customer to provide proof materials, such as photos or videos.
3. After the review is correct, we will enter the refund process and initiate a refund.
4. The customer will receive a refund from the original route within 3-15 working days. The specific time the refund arrives depends on the processing time of the payment channel and the processing time of the bank.